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From Vosseler you can expect far more than the on-time delivery of components manufactured perfectly to meet your precise needs. We also accompany you professionally  and with commitment from the process of finding a solution, through production-compliant design to perfectly scheduled logistics. See for yourself all the ways in which we can support you.

Advice: Our ideas for your product


We listen to you very closely indeed. You see, we wish to understand as clearly as possible what a part needs to be able to do in order to meet your requirements, and to provide the best possible match with your end product. If you wish, we can engage in a dialogue with you to map out a requirements profile that serves as the basis for further suggestions we can make during the consultation process.

Once we know all the important factors and understand what your desired product must be able to deliver, we can really accomplish something for you. With our decades of experience with solutions for different sectors and their respective applications, we can present you with concepts to meet your requirements. Concepts that provide a perfect commercial as well as a technical fit.

Are you enthused by our ideas? If so, then you should check out our quotations: we are always good for an attractive total price – we combine a high level of automation with low material prices, achieved through skilful purchasing, and this enables us to provide you with attractively priced quotations for your parts. Put us to the test!

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Optimum function is clearly the primary requirement of any successful design. When creating or adapting your desired part, we ensure that we at the very least meet your desired parameters, and seek wherever possible to outperform them for you. You see, we feel a sense of shared responsibility for your success.

The durability you wish a part to have is a benchmark in our design process for parameters such as tolerances, material thicknesses, the materials used and the way they are processed. Our designers apply their wealth of experience to the parameters you name in the selection of named properties for your desired part. Our engineers provide support for new products across all stages of a project, from the production of prototypes right through to batch production.

What is the use of a part designed to meet functional and quality standards perfectly if it cannot be manufactured economically? At the design stage, we pay careful attention to ensuring that the use of materials and the cost of production are as economical as possible, to keep a firm check on quality and costs in equal measure.

The engineering team at the Vosseler Group develops and designs highly-capable processes and forming tools suitable for the batch production of your product or module, all capable of satisfying the most demanding of requirements. Supported by an FEM program that determines and defines the individual stages of the forming process. The required forming and machining tools, the necessary automation equipment and the inspection tooling needed are all devised by our design team using CAD software and are produced in our ultra-modern and well-equipped toolmaking shop.

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Tool making


We save ourselves and you time by manufacturing tools for cold and hot forming in-house. In contrast to the many other providers who sub-contract this step in the process, we have embedded this service within our company in order to deliver two benefits at one and the same time. Right from Day One, we have autonomy over delivery dates and production quality.

To achieve excellent production results, you need to have excellent tools. Right from the outset, our toolmaking operation is founded upon quality. We only use materials for stamps, dies and other forming components that have convinced us of their quality standard. You see, tools that wear quickly are an obstacle to rapid production. We also focus on ultimate precision when machining materials, because secondary processing to achieve optimum dimensional integrity costs time and money.

Forming tools for cold and hot extrusion come in a vast array of different forms. Depending on the finished part you wish to obtain, forming processes can be combined to achieve shorter unit production times. For a single tool to combine many different aspects depends upon the expertise and precision involved in the implementation process – a capability that we actively work to achieve in our tool design and toolmaking operations.

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Our press shop lies at the heart of our production facility. We have 19 cross-conveyor forming presses with a nominal press rating of between 700 kN and 5,500 kN. These systems can produce parts with an external diameter of 65 mm and/or a width across flats of up to 46 mm, all at production speeds of up to 250 parts per minute. All of that in three-shift operations at two locations.

Solid forming, used in conjunction with pressing, provides an immense variety of production processes, and is also extremely economical. The continuous further development of processes, materials and materials technology makes solid forming an ever more significant branch in this sector. The growing trend towards lightweight construction is also favourable to solid forming.

The Vosseler Group processes wire with diameters of between 6 mm and 36 mm. Unalloyed cold heading and cold-forged steels are used (C4C, C8C, …), as are case-hardened steels (16MnCr5, 23B4, …), tempering steels (C35EC, C45EC, …) as well as certain aluminium alloys suitable for cold forging (e.g. EN AW-6082).

Nor does our expertise only extend to forming operations. We are highly skilled at milling, turning and grinding, all to deliver that final quantum of precision to your part. We can process steel parts or wire material with diameters of up to 36 mm, as well as aluminium with diameters of up to 40 mm.

For this, we use the following quality grades:

  • unalloyed cold heading and cold-forged steels in acc. with EN 10263: e.g. C4C, C8C, C10C;
  • case-hardened steels in accordance with EN 10084/EN10263: e.g. 16MnCr5, 20MnB4, 20NiCrMo2, 23MnB4, 41CR4;
  • unalloyed and alloyed tempering steels in acc. with EN10084/EN10263: e.g. 35B2, 45B2, C35EC, C45EC, 25CrMo4;
  • free machining steels in acc. with DIN EN 10087: e.g. 11SMn30, 9SMn28;
  • stainless steels in acc. with DIN EN 10088: e.g. X6CrNiMoTi-12-2 (1.4571), X3CrNiCu 18-9-4 (1.4567);
  • aluminium alloys: e.g. EN AW-6082 (AlMgSi1).

Speak to us if you need any other materials.

As you would expect, our production capabilities extend beyond simple metal-working. If needed, we can also provide the requisite forms of heat treatment and surface refinement. This assures great durability, ideal physical properties and, if you wish so, the right look for your parts.

We can do more than produce parts: if you would like to have turnkey modules, we are also happy to handle the assembly and installation for you. Reliably assembled and function-tested, with all desired properties and delivered on schedule to your production station.

Leistungsprozess - Fertigung

Logistics & Service


Quality is what defines whether you come back to us. We therefore carry out optimum checks throughout the entire production process. Perfectly networked to our PPS system, all companies in the Vosseler Group are able to guarantee the provision of comprehensive customer service, all at a compelling price-performance ratio. Your great advantage: you have a partner to contact who is also able to open the door for you to the multi-faceted technological capabilities of every company in the group.

We view your satisfaction as a customer as our central objective. This is why we dedicate particular attention to intensive quality management. In compliance with legislative parameters and currently applicable standards, we ensure within an economically reasonable framework that our business is able to achieve optimum results at every stage of the manufacture of a product. We do not leave this to chance, instead employing modern software together with measuring and inspection technology to stay on top of quality, and to be able to prove that at any time.

Our quality management system at the Aldingen site works in accordance with the guidelines of IATF 16949:2016 / EN ISO9001:2015 and is correspondingly certified to SGS and GUTcert standards. At our Hildburghausen site, Vosseler Umformtechnik GmbH has introduced a quality management system that complies with EN ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

Part ready but not on location with you when you need it to be? Not with us. We assume responsibility for the on-time delivery of your parts or modules, preassembled and packaged in such a way that you can further process or assemble them within the shortest possible timescale. Just name your desired parameters to us. We shall then ensure that your wishes are fulfilled – worldwide.

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