Vosseler Produkte - Fixierung, Führung, Abdichtung

Fixing, guiding, sealing – a product to suit you, supplied by us.

The benefits of solid forming are many and varied. This technology enables precise components to be produced with outstanding product properties such as high strength and optimum, uninterrupted fibre runs, using the absolute minimum of energy and making optimum use of the material involved. Moreover, this production technology is unbeatable when it comes to large quantities. See for yourself everything that is possible.



Indispensable when the job is to create reliable connections in a hydraulic system or in other applications with particular pressure requirements. Union nuts made in accordance with EN ISO 8434-1 or to specific customer requirements can be manufactured as cold-pressed, warm-drawn or extruded parts. Our main customers here are the mechanical engineering sector, shipyards and the manufacturers of technical hoses. We also supply every field of application in the hydraulic connector business.

Over the last few years, wire pin nuts have been developed for modern pipe screw connections in the hydraulic sector. Huge demand has given rise to dedicated factory standards as well as to customer-specific products. We produce a vast array of sizes of wire pin nuts on machines specifically equipped for this application. As well as shaping, the machining operation also calls for a high level of product-specific expertise.

Threaded pins are THE components your need for reliable and durable seat adjustment, no matter the format. We roll the entire length of the thread and this achieves optimum forming of the thread for perfect operation. When used together with hinge pins, this constitutes a robust fixing technique for long-lasting, optimum function.

Whenever a vehicle needs to have them, our safety components can be relied upon. For a long time, we have been supplying key system suppliers in the steering, airbag and seatbelt system sectors. With our end-to-end quality management system, our high-quality machines and plant technology, coupled with the many years of experience of our team of employees, we are able to manufacture your safety parts in volume production quantities.

In the body shell sector, special parts are used to secure various components, and for the screw connection of axles, chassis components and other elements. With our expertise and our machinery, with which we can achieve production speeds of up to 250 parts per minute, we are in a position to manufacture inexpensive and weight-optimised vehicle body parts.



Our fittings might be needed for windows, doors, buildings, furniture items, mounting technology, roller blind systems or safety technology. In any event, we are the right partner to turn your ideas into technical products. We enable you to produce a wide range of variants – in terms of parts, materials and geometries.

From the moulded blank to downstream machining and, where necessary to automatic test equipment, we can provide you with all the services you need, all from a single source.

Our products are used in gearboxes to perform an incredibly wide variety of functions. For example, we have set up our own production lines specifically to manufacture high-precision, splined hubs.

Our forming and secondary processing machines are also superbly well suited to produce any kind of screw plugs and other gearbox components.

In the motor, engine and driveline sector, our products are used in a wide variety of ways. Here are a few examples:

  • components in the valve sector;
  • actuator elements in the camshaft, ball journal, ball housing or stabiliser element sector.

With us, you have a highly skilled development partner beside you, one whose experience extends back over many years, and who can work with you to take innovative products made of steel or aluminium materials right through to batch production readiness.

With our universal machinery, our precision tools and our expertise in shaping technology and downstream machining, we manufacture moulded parts in large quantities to high levels of technical difficulty. We are always pleased to tackle new challenges in solid cold moulding, as well as in downstream machining operations. We are in a position to show you the most economical combinations of processes for your particular application, and to produce parts for you economically and reliably in batch processes.

Over the last few years, in the automotive industry, rubber-metal connections have gained ever greater importance as damping elements. The steel or aluminium parts used for this must meet very high standards in relation to their surfaces and workpiece edges. Also, exceptionally precise tolerances are required for downstream further processing operations.

With our many years of experience and our moulding machines, specifically suited to these purposes, we are very well positioned in this sector. Vosseler has been established as one of the leading companies in this sector, and as a reliable supplier, for a very long time.



Reliable seal integrity of oil pan, or frost-proof connections and other openings on the motor or engine is our speciality. We manufacture precision-fit screw plugs to any geometry, suit your specific requirements. We really do know what we are doing when it comes to achieving reliable seals, even when these are exposed to arduous conditions.

Parts can be made of aluminium or of steel – for applications in air-conditioning systems, we produce turnkey parts to provide optimum seal integrity to these sensitive systems. We supply our products with pre-installed sets of gaskets in some cases. Do you have other requirements that need to be fulfilled? We can do that to perfection – just put us to the test.