With more than 220 employees, modern presses and the very latest of production equipment, Vosseler is one of the market leaders in the forming technology sector. For many years, our customers have been appreciating:

  • our excellent price/performance ratio;
  • our quality and continuity;
  • our full-depth consultancy support;
  • our perfect supply chain management.

Our in-house Development department and our renowned and innovative tool-making shop enable us to implement customer-specific solutions within short timescales, even when these involve complex task profiles. The Vosseler range extends from the prototype phase to high-volume production runs. Our technologically excellent range of equipment assures you of an optimum launch into batch production.

By positioning the Group at two locations, in Aldingen and Hildburghausen, and thanks to the comparable range of mechanical equipment at both sites, we are able to provide a highly dependable level of supply capability through genuine redundancy. Both sites are capable of processing the same orders. Perfect networking through our PPS system guarantees comprehensive service cover across both company locations.


The Aldingen Site

At the head office site of the Vosseler Group, two of its companies are located: Vosseler GmbH as well as Vosseler Presswerkzeuge GmbH. This is where the executive management team of the Group is located, together with one of the two production sites, designed to provide almost complete redundancy cover.

The Hildburghausen site

This site is home to Vosseler Umformtechnik GmbH, our second production location. With a highly skilled workforce and a range of machines that is almost identical to its counterpart in Aldingen, this site provides the Group with optimum additional capacity and know-how.



Gotthold and Heinz Vosseler found the company of Vosseler in the Baden-Württemberg town of Aldingen, primarily to manufacture nuts, machined on automatic lathes. In 1955, the company acquired its first HATEBUR single-stroke press. This enables cold-formed nuts to be produced.

Vosseler - Gebäudeansicht 1950


The first cross conveyor press, made by NATIONAL, enters service to produce cold-formed pressed parts.


Vosseler starts to produce union nuts in accordance with DIN 3870.

Vosseler - Fertigungsmaschine 1960


To extend the product range to larger dimensions, Vosseler co-founds VHW-Presswerk, a company in which it has a 50% holding, for the manufacture of hot-formed parts.

Vosseler - Mitarbeiter 1950

70s & 80s

The company acquires several cross conveyor presses for the manufacture of formed parts and union nuts. To enable us to supply our customers with large formed parts in turnkey condition, big investments were made in secondary processing machinery.

Vosseler - Maschinenhalle 1970


The company invests in several HATEBUR presses for the production of complex extrusion press components.


To further extend production capacity, VOSSELER Umformtechnik GmbH is established in Hildburghausen, a town in Thuringia.

Vosseler - Werk Hildburghausen 1992


VOSSELER Presswerkzeuge GmbH is founded at the Aldingen site, at that time under the name of WZT.

Vosseler - Werk Aldingen 1996

2000 to now

Further investments were made in forming machines, final machining equipment, a washing system and in automation.

Today, the Vosseler Group is an innovative SME with more than 220 employees, comprising VOSSELER GmbH and VOSSELER Presswerkzeuge GmbH in the Baden-Württemberg town of Aldingen as well as VOSSELER Umformtechnik GmbH in Hildburghausen.