Suppliers from Vosseler Group

Suppliers from Vosseler Group

We rely on a trustful cooperation with high-performance partners

The purchasing department is an essential area in our company.
We are looking for you as our long-term partner for a value-oriented, qualitative, innovative and sustainable cooperation.
Our goal is to increase productivity and to optimize and stabilize processes within the entire supply chain.
Our customers are our top priority at the Vosseler Group.
We and you as our supplier are obliged to constantly meet customer requirements in a qualitative and timely manner.

For a common and successful growth, you meet the following requirements:

  • Long-term partnership
  • Innovation and development ability
  • Process improvement
  • Compliance of social standards with regard to human rights, working conditions and environment protection
  • Sustainable management
  • Adherence to and delivery of the required quality
  • Ensuring delivery reliability

Your contact persons in purchasing department:

Director purchase
Mrs. Jährling

Vosseler Presswerkzeuge
Mr. Bäuerle

Vosseler GmbH/ Vosseler Umformtechnik GmbH
Mrs. Lorenz
Mr. Schnorfeil
Mail address purchase


Our priority demands

Raw Materials

  • Steel cold wire rod
  • Stainless steel cold wire rod
  • Aluminium cold wire rod
  • Hot formed parts
  • Production tools
  • Perishable tools
  • Lubricants and coolant for machining and cold forming processes
  • Chemicals for cleaning, degreasing and conservation of metal parts
  • Packing materials as carton, wooden paletts and boxes, plastic trays, foils for dispatching, etc.

Coating technologies as surface treatment, heat treatment, thread locking, etc.

If you are interested in a cooperation and you would like to support us in our further development, please apply to us in writing form.

Apply now

How do you become a supplier at Vosseler:

Please send us your company presentation, the fully completed supplier self-disclosure and the required quality certificates.
Due to our quality management system, you need at least certification ISO 9001. Certification according to ISO 14001 would be desirable.

Please note the following relevant information for you: